There are many things that can make or break your weight loss transformation. Over the years, I have learned and applied many things that have helped myself and many, many others succeed in their Transformation Journey!


A reward for your hard training should not be to rush down to the nearest Fast Food joint and stuff your face with junk food. We all know that getting a diet soda, with your #7, does absolutely nothing to your physique.  It only lies to your brain.  Not to mention you are completely negating everything you just did at the gym!

Just Imagine.

Imagine the results you would get if you actually nourished your body after a workout instead? Likewise, also imagine how great you would feel if you kept eating FOR your body, not just for sugar rushes & taste! Eating for your body means to feed it the nutrients it needs to run as efficiently as possible. I’m not saying that you can’t have a treat from time to time, or a cheat day, but eating junk food or empty calorie foods (condiments, beer, sweets and more), ESPECIALLY after a workout, is something that needs to become unfamiliar to you! Make eating healthy foods and making good choices something that is VERY familiar to you.  If you implement this, just check that mirror daily and watch how quickly you transform!

"Your mindset is key to achieving your weight loss goals and Strict 9 Fitness helps to coach you, its there to Train Your Brain!" - Jeffrey D., 67 years old, lost 40+ pounds on Strict 9, in 9 Weeks.

Fun Fact: the 'S' in fast food is silent! It's actually: FAT FOODS! FAT FOODS, FAT FOODS! Say it with me "FAST FOODS are FAT FOODS, FAT FOODS, FAT FOODS." Repetition is key to stamping something deep into your mind and by doing so, you will naturally be changing your mindset. This is CRUCIAL!  Start by associating "Fast Foods" with that simple truth: though some food may come Fast, it's actually just a Fast-Track to feeding your body unhealthy, FAT-FAT-FOODS!

You've heard it before, but this ole saying is SO TRUE.  I didn't really believe it either (to be honest).  But the Fact Remains: 

"You are what you eat!"

It's 80% diet, 20% training. Think about it, NO ONE says, 'you are what you bench press.' lol

You really do need to accept that your diet is literally making or breaking your progress. There is no quick fix that results in lasting change. You can juice cleanse and fad diet all you want and you will probably lose weight, but the question is, will you keep it off?

I doubt it.  As no one does because they are simply unsustainable.

For example, though certain cleanses may have an initial benefit or impact, if you're enjoying a juice cleanse & seeing results in the mirror.  Know that's simply because you're not eating all that much; you're just burning more calories than you're consuming. You are in a Caloric Deficit... so, naturally, that will equate to some weight loss.

However, I see it time and time again, and maybe you've even learned this the hard way...but as soon as your cleanse, or fad diet is over, you WILL end up over eating and thus gaining EVEN MORE weight back than you initially lost.  This is what's so defeating to most people.  Diets like that are just NOT sustainable for the long term.  They suck-you-in and then spit-you-out feeling almost worse than you did before. Seriously. 

So ask yourself... "Do I want LONG TERM RESULTS, or results for a couple weeks?

...the Answer is OBVIOUS.  You KNOW you want long term results, you know you want to be ready for that next party, or date night.  But the problem is, MOST FITNESS programs out there do not really offer this

Here at Strict 9, we have people just like you, who have kept the weight OFF for over a decade!

My name is Eddie Davenport and I designed the Strict 9 Fitness Platform to become an easy to follow, simple to manage: lifestyle. The Strict 9 Fitness Platform is a technologically advanced, reliable, solid platform that you can take with you, anywhere! Our Programs are not meant or designed to be a temporary fad diet. It's designed for success, not failure. It’s meant to change you from the inside out, and that much has been PROVED, time and time again.  Strict 9 Focuses on your perspective, your mindset, the importance of dedication and attitude, all while providing you serious, STRUCTURE.  It is a great Blueprint to your very own, SuperHero Body.

These elements are what bring lasting effects and our goal is to make you the best you can be, from the inside, out.

On last thing, as a joke, when my new clients tell me what their weight loss goals are, I usually reply: “If you want to look great in your clothes, you must diet. If you want to look great naked, you must diet AND exercise.”

It's pretty effective, as that motivating factor is key to the human psyche.  But that's the bottom line: your DIET/NUTRITION is most important.


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