Here are a few more tips to think about, as you begin your Transformation Journey!

We all heard it before, but do we really PRACTICE IT? You know the quote:  "no pain, no gain", or my favorite: "you only get out what you put in."  They are age old sayings...because they all hold truth.  But take a moment and THINK about that last one: "you only get out, what you put in." 

So many of us put far too much effort into other areas of our life, but NOT our physical health, not our soul vessels...our BODIES?  When you think about it, this is backwards?! It should be the EXACT opposite, as NOTHING else matters if your body FAILS YOU because you treated it like crap, or fed it crap for ages. 

But no matter the saying, the point is simple, 'if you make a small investment into your body, your return will be small.' However, if you fully commit to our Strict 9 Challenge and go all in, your rewards can, and will be, life changing! I encourage all Strict 9 Members to put a GREAT amount of effort into our programs and truly dedicate time & priority into your overall health and weightless goals! If you do this, you WILL get great results, feel better and definitely not regret a moment of the dedication!

Nevertheless, the flip-side of that coin is, you put in a mediocre effort, so you then get mediocre results, which depress you, then you fall back into the same cycle you have found, over and over again. If you put in the least amount of effort, or you cut corners, you're only hurting yourself and delaying that optimal healthy feeling, you're seeking. 

But honestly, why do we put so much stress & pressure on ourselves, then NOT even try our hardest to rid of such stress & pressure?

Start thinking about your Heart when you look at food.  If it could speak, WHAT WOULD IT SAY? Would it thank you for that meal? Would it thank you for that Sugar Filled Energy drink that actually simulates a Heart Attack (Click Here to Read and Article on that).

Why live with such doubt though, seriously? Why do we think or feel that we do not have a choice in when it comes to working out, or what we put in our bodies?

At Strict 9 Fitness, we ask that rhetorical question because we want you to truly realize that: IT'S YOUR CHOICE! That's all it is, YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE, as are most things.

It's your choice to get up and drive to work, just as it's up to you to get up and go to work on your HEALTH.  You can begin working on your health in many ways right now, from going to the gym, to simply moving more throughout the day, to standing up for a few minutes every hour when at your desk, to parking further away from your office, forcing you to get-in a little extra walking.

How about taking the stairs VS the elevator whenever you can, or even, ride your bike to work?! No matter what you do though, one fact remains.  Its the most important...you need to make better choices to EAT CLEANER at lunch time? As 80-90% of fitness, is DIET! Your body is a natural, FAT SHEDDING MACHINE, so as long as you feed it nutrients, instead of junk, on a consistent basis, your body will lean out!

"Fill your plate with healthy goodness, not processed grossness." - Unknown

Whenever I'm on set filming and people ask me about fitness (normally during the lunch break, and these questions happen organically just about every time), I normally look at the food in front of the person asking, then compare it to mine.  9/10 times, there is an OBVIOUS difference in the food choices they made, versus the ones I made. 

I tell them, 'we both stood in the same food line, but we made different CHOICES on what we decided our bodies needed.  We made different decisions on what to put on our plate and the beverages we chose to drink. You chose soda, I chose water with lemon, you chose cake, I grabbed a apple.'  We're all given the same choices day to day, from at work, to that one lean & ripped person you see around town (oftentimes), but the difference MOST OFTEN is, one's dietary choices.

It's your choice at the end of the day! It's your choice on what to eat, its your choice on 'should you work out, or not' and it's your choice to STAY POSITIVE!

Nevertheless, let's be real.  We are humans, so not matter how hard we try, the negative self-talk seems to always creep in; those darn excuses and that lack of motivation begin to take over.  You think to yourself 'I've failed before, I'll fail again. 'Eating healthy sucks', 'I can't do this' or 'I had a bad day, I need treat.'

"Fitness can seem like an endless cycle, a bottomless pit..." - J. William

No matter what the voice in your head brainwashes your mind with, no matter the reason it utters, lets say, 'why you can't tackle the Strict 9 Fitness System,' or any other program for that matter, know that the VOICE IS LYING!  No one truly enjoys believing lies and if your brain is telling you these things, tune it out and do not believe it. 

"It's your inward negativity that will lead you to fail, outwardly." - WD

But let's think on that for a moment longer...let's put things into a bit more perspective.

Think about what YOU love most?  Whatever it is.  Would you cut corners and do the least amount of work, if you wanted to get that item or result?  Let's say it's a DREAM JOB, would you slack, be lazy & cut corners? ANSWER: NO... you would not.  Then why in hellfire, would you take that approach with your body? Especially when you're NOTHING without your health?

With that in mind, why does a healthier lifestyle not take a TOP PRIORITY?

It's time to invest in yourself, not another pair of shoes (if you're in to that sort of thing). Instead, invest money & time into a longer term investment: Your Health! Your time is valuable, and YOU ARE WORTH IT! Change your state of mind and believe that, know that & truly understand that fact, no matter what excuses your brain, or your lazy friend next door, may give you.


  • It's too hard
  • I don't have the money
  • I don't have enough time
  • I'm too busy
  • It's been a long day, I'm too tired
  • I don't have the resources
  • I am out of shape, it is what it is.

Look, we all understand that our brain is designed for survival.  It will always find a problem with everything, then give you the safest, easiest way out (often times, in the form of excuses).  In the fitness realm, your body WANTS to store energy, as it fears a disaster may be right around the corner. Your body does not understand that you have a Grocery Store, loaded with food, directly across the street within your fridge! So your brain seeks to preserve calories 'just in case.' 

My advice is to NOT listen to you brain, too often... in this regard. 

Instead, as you seek bodily transformation... let your HEART lead you in this particular journey. Remember this for perspective's sake; when you were in your mothers' womb, your heartbeat began around day 18 of development. While the brain may look larger early, it is mostly a fluid-filled space with a layer of cells surrounding it. Most brain development occurs in the third trimester and after birth so in simple terms, get out of your head!

You may have all of the excuses in the world to not do this, or to quit that...or decide to splurge a bit during the process of tackling our proved system, but if you were incentivized, and I told you that someone would give you a million dollars to reach your goal in 9, 12, 15, or 18 weeks, depending on your progress, would you do it?!

I think you would, right? No matter what, you would find a way! So that leads to the next question.  "How much is your health and Body Worth?" $$$$

I would argue it's worth more than ANYTHING. You have to keep that mindset

Though I, or anyone at Strict 9 Fitness, will not be giving away a million dollars to everyone who succeeds, we ARE going to give you ACCESS to the next best thing. That is, the information you need to get there and all you have to do is stick to the regimen and program!

Think of the Strict 9 System, like a math equation. I'm giving you all the variables you need to complete the equation. All you have to do is apply it. Visualize a picture of you right now at the beginning of this equation, and there's a picture of what you want to look like once you reach your goal at the other side of the equation. See It!

Now what happens if you stray from a math equation and start adding or taking out variables of the equation? Your end result changes. Those extra variables are all the times you stray from your nutrition or decide to skip a few days in the gym. They add up fast!

So, stay strong in your mind, stay strict with your nutrition, stay connected with your goals, while focusing on your reason ‘why’.

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