The human body is one heck of a machine.

But for some reason, when it comes to fueling up and maintaining our engine, we do not equate our bodily engine, to that of, lets say...our car's engine (which is something far LESS valuable).

Instead, many people I know take care of their car's engine, far more than their own body's engine. It sounds crazy when you think about it, because in reality, it should be the exact opposite?!

If you had a really nice, well built, expensive car, you would probably take time and give real focus to keeping the engine well lubricated & maintained.  You would take regular trips to the mechanic for oil changes & tuneups, you would always add premium gas to the tank, as that would almost ensure that your fancy car's engine, would run great!

However, lets get extreme here and pretend that someone walked up to your car, opened your gas tank, then pumped sugar through its tubes?! Or maybe they even poured some really dirty, polluted, dark and chunky oil into your engine...!

How would that make you feel? I would bet you would be HOSTILE!

If not hostile, I know you would get pretty darn angry at the very least, as that is an expensive machine that they just messed with! But, with that in mind, again, why do we NOT get just as angry, when pollutants are poured into our PRICELESS, body?


Yes, such sugary or fatty pollutants poured into YOUR BODY may not hurt you 'instantly (even though many times they do hurt you without you fully knowing the damage). Actually, the pollutants may even bring some temporary pleasure for a time. 

But just as you pour sugar into a car's engine, the paint on the outside does not immediately fall off, the damage goes unseen on the outside.  Instead, slowly and overtime, the engine breaks down from WITHIN! So from a human, physiological standpoint, the same thing is happening.  Luckily, your body is FAR SUPERIOR than ANY MAN MADE, MOTORIZED ENGINE in the world.  Your body is far more complex and intelligent, looking for ways to heal itself, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

So, shouldn't we help our engine(s) out by pouring nutrient rich fuel into our intake valve? It's common sense. But like they say, "Common sense, is not so Common."

Just as the poor, dirty-oil and pollutants poured into your car's engine gather and begin to clog up your engine's fuel delivery systems, it's filters and other inner workings.  The sugary, fatty foods you put into your body, cause your engine to sputter & stutter!  Yes, Your body's engine does the SAME THING when you "Choose & Allow" JUNK to be poured in it.  That's right, it's YOUR CHOICE what grade of fuel you put into your body!


Adding all that garbage, or other stuff your body does NOT need, will pipe up within your body in the form of FAT. Fat makes you sluggish, it clogs your arteries, impairs your thinking, lowers your level of health, sucks the energy from you, etc, etc, etc.


The answer is, because you're addicted to it. You're hooked on those unhealthy elements, like sugar, which happens to be more addictive than most illegal drugs! Yes, you read that right! Sugar Companies, or 'Drug Lords' love to hook you with, arguably, the most addictive substance in the world - SUGAR, and keep you coming back for your fix, day after day, month after month, year after year. 

Addiction is the main reason. But another reason is that you're NOT changing your mindset. That is, you are NOT keeping out Car Engine VS Body Engine Comparison in mind when you're making choices with regard to FOOD / FUEL for your engine.

In order for you to transform your body, you need to flip that switch. You need to look at candy as something UNHEALTHY, as a tasty, yet chemical blend of drugs.  NOT something that is just 'tasty.' You need to look at the pretty wrapper and remember, as in Hansel & Gretel, that there is an EVIL waiting within that Candy Shell.  You need to Equate Sugar = with Bad Oil, which is bad for your engine.

You need your car to RUN PROPERLY.  You need your car to be dependable.  You need your car to get you to work, so you can pay the bills, then home so you can feed your family. But what is that Car, without YOU?

What is the point of all that success, if YOU are sick, unhealthy, with sugary chemicals throwing your mood out of order, then stressing you out, causing your body to gain weight, to keeping you up at night, ruining your sleep, thus affecting your relationships and maybe even your marriage?

It may not happen instantly, but as things build up, it CERTAINLY will happens over time.  There is enough science and basic common sense to PROVE that!

But look, don't be too hard on yourself. 

At Strict 9 Fitness, we speak the truth, from EXPERIENCE.  We understand the struggles you're going through, as we have also lived them. We feel your pain and totally understand.  But know that our process and way of thinking, has helped all of us here, as well as many others change from the INSIDE, OUT! It will take time to achieve these goals, so take it one meal at a time, one day at a time, one week at time.

  • Try our 9 HOUR, NO SUGAR CHALLENGE (1st) Walk before you run.
  • Then try our 9 DAY, NO SUGAR CHALLENGE (2nd) Jog before you sprint.
  • Then go through our 9 WEEK FOUNDATION PROGRAM (3rd) Build Endurance!

There may be a lot of undoing that needs to be done first, as things will be happening on the inside of your body that you cannot see. But just take it slow...remain FOCUSED, taking one step at a time. Seriously. Be Consistent, but Patient too. You will feel yourself getting healthier FIRST, before you actually see it physically...


Know what is happening to your amazing, bodily machine. Believe that you WILL achieve your goals, and nothing will stop you from taking the Strict 9 Steps, to getting there! It's really that simple... but you must: "Stay Strong & Stay Strict." Keep that saying in mind at every point of weakness, and then overcome.


As Tony Robbins says, "turn your shoulds, into MUSTS". Don't say that you can't, but DO SAY, "I CAN, I CAN, I CAN!" it's called changing your standards!

If you know you really 'should' do something... inwardly, you feel that you can always put-it-off for when it's convenient. BUT, when you know you 'MUST' do something, you will normally get it done no matter what the day throws at you!

It's all about PRIORITY!

If you should get up and head in early for work, you may-or-may-not get out of bed when that alarm goes off. But if your boss tells you that you MUST be in early or you're fired, which means no money, which means bills will not get paid... well, you won’t be hitting that snooze button now, would you?

It is CRUCIAL that you apply that SAME mindset to your nutrition AND your exercise! Look at food as ENERGY, then ask yourself, do I want clean energy, or diluted energy...

“If you really want to achieve something, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” - Jim Rohn

If not yet a member of the STRICT 9 FAMILY, here is a quick video from Eddie breaking down what you'll get, with our NUTRITION PACK:



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