The human body is one heck of a machine.

But for some reason, when it comes to fueling up and maintaining our engine, we do not equate our bodily engine, to that of, lets say...our car's engine (which is something far LESS valuable).

Instead, many people I know take care of their car's engine, far more than their own body's engine. It sounds crazy when you think about it, because in reality, it should be the exact opposite?!

If you had a really nice, well built, expensive car, you would probably take time and give real focus to keeping the engine well lubricated & maintained.  You would take regular trips to the mechanic for oil changes & tuneups, you would always add premium gas to the tank, as that would almost ensure that your fancy car's engine, would run great!

However, lets get extreme here and pretend that someone walked up to your car, opened your gas tank, then pumped sugar through its tubes?! Or maybe they even poured some really dirty, polluted, dark and...

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